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BF4 公式動画へのYoutubeコメントが酷い有様

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Battlefield 4: Official 17 Minutes “Fishing in Baku” Gameplay Reveal


:dude, look at them graphics, you wish Infinity Ward and treyarch has the Frostbite 3 engine
(タコが! このグラを見て「インフィニティウォードとトレイアークにもフロストバイト3があればなぁ」って思ってんだろ!)

:BF is better but i play cod just because its on steam and i dont want to use that origin fuck


:Ya Wanna know what I fucking Hate I hate that its a FUCKING PC VERSION!! FUCK THE PC!! who the fuck wants to play on a fucking Computer you assholes are retarded playing with a Keyboard.
(ナメてんのか糞が、なんでクサレPC版なんだよ糞が! どこの馬鹿がPCなんかでやるかっつーの! キーボードでプレイするキチガイのカスどもが!)

:You are right, console controllers are so fucking precise, who would want to use mouse?

:i can blow you 10 bullets to head in any fps with mouse before you can turn around with you’re JOystick
PS:Microsoft made tests and PC players owned console players in any round


:At least ps3 players arent hacking,lol.and in vehicles you cant play without a joystick,the only thing pc gamers are that good that you say you are is in sniping,sniping in pc is easier.but when it comes to real Battlefield and vehicles,pc gamers get owned.

:Get the fuck out! PC is better in every aspect of gaming.
(ウルセー雑魚が! PCの方が偉いんだよ!)


:4000 dislikes fuck you call of duty fanboys
(4000 低評価? ナメてんのかCoD厨どもが!)

:Those are from disappointed BF3 fans .. idiot

:aha . disappointed ???
(あ? 失望だ?)


:Battlefield will always be better than Call of Duty.

:Says the Battlefield fanboys.


:Battlefield 2 is still better. This game looks like Shit. BF3(which is trash) all over again. You goddamn Liberals destroyed Battlefield.

:Wow you need to stop that Hate prick. The Single Player is overall better then Battlefield 3 and the graphics too. I should tend to ignore haters like you, It’s a waste of time and words. Good Bye BITCH-ASS MOTHAFUCKA!
(ワオ! こいつぁひでえや。シングルプレイもグラもBF3より良さそうだろ。あんたみたい文句ばっかなのに構ってるのは時間と言葉の無駄だね。消えちまいなクソバカ野郎!)


:Evil russians.
You are not tired?
I’m tired.

(またロシア人が悪人? 飽きない? 俺は飽きたよ)

:How about the palestinians?
Or the iranians?
Or Koreans?
Cause they ALL are all bad people.

(じゃあパレスチナ人は? イラン人とか韓国人は? 全部悪者だぜ)